Ricardo Confessori began his musical life studying classical piano for four years, but after listening to sounds from Rush, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin etc, Ricardo decided on drums at 13 years old. Since then, the musician has never stopped studying and being in contact with his instruments for as long as possible, tips from the drummer himself when asked about the subject.

Ricardo speaks with the property of one of the great drummers today, recognized worldwide by several musicians and magazines specializing in music and musical instruments. His first job as a professional musician was in the band Garcia & Garcia. He recorded the album “Mr. Fire” in 1990. This record is now a relic for collectors. After the band’s dissolution, he joined the group Korzus in 1992, where he remained for a year and a half. During this period he performed a series of shows and ended up leaving the group due to disagreements with the label. Immediately after his departure, in 1993, he received the invitation to assume the post of drummer of Angra , during the recordings of “Angels Cry”, From then on, Ricardo became known worldwide.

Not only for mixing other rhythms such as salsa, merengue, baião, etc. to heavy metal, but also for the unique way of playing, extremely technical, precise but without forgetting the feeling and versatility, which are the hallmark of the musician to this day. At Angra, Ricardo recorded the anthological “Holy Land”, from 1996, a conceptual album full of Brazilian rhythms that is certainly a landmark in the history of Brazilian heavy rock. Still with Angra, the drummer recorded the album “Fireworks”, from 1998, which yielded the singles “Rainy Nights” and “Lisbon”, the live “Holy Live” (1997), the album “Freedom Call” (1996) and the EP “Evil Warning” (1994). In 2000, three musicians left Angra, among them Ricardo.

From then on, two long years of waiting until the release of the first album of Shaman: “Ritual”, distributed in over 15 countries and such an absolute success that it even yielded a CD /Live DVD titled “Ritualive” (2003). “Reason”, the band’s second album was released in 2005 and the tour went through all regions of Brazil and several countries in Latin America.

After a difficult year and many changes, the Shaman announces a new album already recorded, scheduled for release in September 2007. In 2007 these new members together with Ricardo Confessori recorded the CD Immortal, released in September of the same year. With the Immortal Tour, the new formation of the Shaman  went through almost all of Brazil and part of Latin America. In 2008 they recorded to an audience of almost 20 thousand people, the new DVD titled AnimeAlive, released in mid 2009, celebrating the successful tour of the CD divulgaçãoImmortal. Also in 2009, the Shaman was headliner of the Masters of Rock, in the Czech Republic, together with the GOCMAN Orchestra, registering a milestone in the history of Brazilian Heavy Metal: O Shaman was the first band to perform and record a DVD together with an orchestra.

In 2009 Ricardo rejoins the band that introduced him to the medium, Angra and records the album “Aqua”, released in 2010. He toured Japan, China, Europe. For 2010, the Shaman comes with a new CD “Origins”, new shows and lots of news. With Angra, he plays on the Sunset stage at Rock in Rio.

In 2012 the musician establishes himself as coordinator of the music production course at EM&T Campinas and São Paulo, in addition to continuing to perform shows and workshops throughout Brazil. He launches his method for drums “BATTERING”, used in several music schools in Brazil.

He continues his work as a producer, releasing in 2013 2 more bands: Salamanders (PR) and Divine Wings (SP). In 2013 and 2014 Do the big tour “Angels Cry 20th Anniversary tour” with Angra, passing through Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Europe, in a total of more than 50 dates, and releases the eponymous DVD worldwide. In 2015 until today he travels all over Brazil on Yamaha doing more than 40 workshops every year.

In 2016 he assembles the band Confessori , with renowned musicians who accompany Warrel Dane (vocalist NeverMore – USA) such as Thiago Oliveira and Fábio Carito.

In 2017 he goes on tour with the Massacration “a return”, as the “Perro Loco”, the masked drummer and records the DVD Live Metal Espancation in SP.

In 2018 he returns with the band Shaman with the original formation for a reunion, selling out all tickets 3 months before the São Paulo show at Audio.

In 2019 Confessori continues the super successful reunion tour with the Shaman, producing bands and also giving workshops throughout Brazil.