Shaman was formed in the second half of 2000 by musicians Andre Matos, Luis Mariutti and Ricardo Confessori.

At the time without a guitarist, Hugo Mariutti was initially called only to help with the compositions. The result was so positive and unexpected that he ended up joining the band, fitting perfectly into the sound intended by the other members.

With the band finally complete, Shaman worked to make themselves known and make their name, so they started their activities with a debut tour that went through Europe and Latin America (France, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil) and caused a big deal. critical and public receptivity.

Embracing a style that mixes traditional heavy metal, classical music and regional rhythms with the theme of the band is mainly focused on shamanism, from where the name Shaman came to mean “he who sees in the dark” or “he who heals through nature” .

The band returned again in 2018 for a tour with their original line-up, which was interrupted on June 8, 2019, due to the unexpected death of vocalist Andre Matos.

In September 2019 the band returns to the stage with Alírio Netto on vocals.