Hugo Mariutti started playing guitar in 1989, influenced by his brother and now bandmate, Luis Mariutti. His first band came out the following year, Wardeath, who made a Thrash Metal sound and Hugo took over the guitars and vocals. The band lasted until 1993, playing in various venues. In the same year, Hugo formed his new band, Henceforth, which mixed progressive rock with some heavier parts. With them, in addition to many shows, Hugo recorded two cds Henceforth and The Gray Album. The band stopped activities in 2010 . In 2000, in the meantime, the guitarist was asked to record some songs for a band that was still in the role, with former members of Angra, who would later become Shaman. In 2002 they released their first work, Ritual, which was a worldwide sales success. The following year, with the great tour that was being made, the cd and dvd Ritualive was recorded, at Credicard Hall, which was sold out at the time. Also in 2003 Hugo is elected by the French magazine Hard Rock as the fourth best guitarist in the world, the album Ritual won the award for best album not only in France but in several countries. With Shaman in 2004 he recorded their second studio album, Reason, and after the tour the band broke up. Hugo became a member of the band Andre Matos, recording with him three studio albums, Time To Be Free, Mentalize and Turn Of The Lights, this one signing the production along with Andre himself.

Parallel to this he also participated in the formation and recording of 3 albums for the band Remove Silence. Fade, SHA, and the Little Piece Of Heaven EP, leaving the band in 2013 . Hugo was also invited to participate in the Viper band reunion tour, recording a cd and a dvd live in São Paulo. After the tour, the guitarist still remained with the band until 2019, performing in Brazil and abroad. Hugo was also elected by Rolling Stones Brasil magazine, one of the 70 Brazilian guitar and guitar masters of all times.

In 2018 the band Shaman announces its return and makes a reunion tour with great success, unfortunately a tragic news came with the death of Andre Matos, vocalist and personal friend of Hugo, and the tour was stopped. In 2020 the band returns to the stage, with a new vocalist, Alirio Neto, for concerts and for composing new songs.

Hugo still has two solo albums released, by crowd funding, A Blank Sheet Of Paper and For A Simple Rainy Day, with a sound very different from the bands he has been with and also works as a music producer doing soundtracks for films.