Luis Eduardo Mariutti Pereira, Heavy Metal bassist, born on March 22, 1971, in the city of São Paulo. Original member of the bands Angra and Shaman, performed more than 1,500 shows in 24 countries.​ He remained in Angra between the years 91 to 99. He recorded 3 albums and had more than 12 albums released between studio, live and singles. With Shaman he recorded 2 albums and had 4 albums released. The band’s first studio album, Ritual, was successful with a song on the Globo TV soap opera ‘O Beijo do Vampiro’. Same disc that had a DVD recorded (Ritualive) for the second highest capacity at the former Cedicard Hall in São Paulo.

Named one of the top ten bass players in the world by Burrn Magazine! from Japan, he was named best bass player in Brazil for twelve consecutive years. He participated in the biggest festivals in the world such as: Wacken Open Air, Loud Park, Gods of Metal, Eurockennes, Dynamo, Viña Rock, Monsters of Rock, Live’n’Louder. He recorded with producers: Chris Tsangarides, Charlie Bauerfeind, Roy Z, Sascha Paeth. At the studios: Hansen Studios (Hamburg – GR), Pathway Studio (Wolfsburg – GR), Metropolis (London – UK), Marcus Studios (London – UK), Mosh Studio (São Paulo/SP), Be Bop (São Paulo/SP ), Ultrasonic (São Paulo/SP), Brainless Brother (São Paulo/SP).​

Luis was also part of the solo band of vocalist Andre Matos, with whom he recorded two albums between 2006 and 2010.​ At Rockgol, extinct football championship of the equally extinct MTV Brasil, he was known as Jesus, a nickname that was adopted by fans. In 2014 Luis joined the Band About2Crash, with whom he performed at Rock in Rio (2015) and released 3 singles between 2015 and 2017. in São Paulo (2016).​ Luis maintains a classic metal cover band called Dirty Dogz. The band has vocalist Leando Caçoilo (Viper, ex-Eterna), Leo Santos on guitar and drummer Rafael Rosa (Sinistra) with whom he recorded the TTBF of the band AM.​ In 2018 he joins the band Sinistra, with the vocalist Nando Fernandes, guitarist Edu Ardanuy and drummer Rafael Rosa. Band composed by big names of national metal and that arrives with a different proposal to sing Heavy Metal in Portuguese.​ Still in the year 2018, Luis joins the original members of the band Shaman, to make a commemorative tour. With the early death of vocalist Andre Matos in June 2019, Alirio Netto takes over the vocals of Shaman. At the new lineup’s first concert, in February 2020, the band releases the single BRAND NEW ME, which is available on all streaming platforms.

He is currently a member of bands: Dirty Dogz, Sinistra and Shaman

Logos Luis
Logos Luis