Shaman Releases New Album “Rescue”; listen now
Postado em 18/04/2022

ShamanBand rescues musical essence with Alirio Netto (vocals), Hugo Mariutti (guitar), Luis Mariutti (bass), Ricardo Confessori (drums) and Fábio Ribeiro (keyboards)

The band Shaman has just released their new album “Rescue” on all streaming platforms. “Rescue” is distributed in Brazil by Voice Music, in Argentina by Icarus Music, Europe by Maldito Records and in Japan by King Records. The cover of “Rescue” was designed by artist Carlos Fides, who has already signed works by names such as Edu Falaschi and Noturnall. The album was produced by Sascha Paeth and features violinist Marcus Viana.

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Text by Ricardo Batalha
Additional information by Thiago Rahal Mauro

Resilience is not a “fad word”. It stands for resilience and strength, something the Shaman has always shown. Having the power to access other dimensions and determination by writing about an irreparable loss and putting it to music. Andre Matos is gone, but he would be proud to hear the content of “Rescue”.

With lyrics addressing losses and the stages of grief, but not in a negative way, according to vocalist Alirio Netto, the album’s repertoire brings a fundamental element that makes the song touch you: feeling. For those who see it from the outside, but who were with the band at different times, including the day they chose the name Shaman, there was, first of all, the emotion of knowing that the brothers Hugo and Luis Mariutti, Ricardo Confessori and Fábio Ribeiro followed the legacy with the gifts of an impressive singer like Alirio Netto.

Replacing Andre Matos is not easy, however, a new phase begins here, a new world. It is a look at the past, with great respect, and a step towards the future. The Shaman released the sale of their new album, “Rescue”. The material will be released on CD in a limited slipcase format and includes a poster. The release date on streaming platforms is scheduled for April 15th.

The new album has songs written by all the members. The lyrics address the losses and the stages of mourning and Hugo Mariutti (guitar), Luis Mariutti (bass), Ricardo Confessori (drums) and Fábio Ribeiro (keyboards) followed the Shaman’s legacy in an impeccable way and with the quality that fans have come to know. the band.

“Rescue” Fact Sheet:
Produced by Sascha Paeth
Mixed and Mastered by Sascha Paeth
Recorded by Rodrigo Oliveira, Guilherme Canaes, Sascha Paeth and Conrado Rüther
Additional recording by Pedro Migliari
Cover by Carlos Fides – Fides Arts
Photos by Thiago Kiss and Ale Paoli

All music and lyrics by Shaman
Pianos and keyboards by Fabio Ribeiro, Alirio Netto and Hugo Mariutti
Percussion by Ricardo Confessori and Rafa Kabelo
Violins and strings by Marcus Viana, Leo Padovani and Rafa Kabelo
Additional vocals by Herbie Langhans

“Rescue” Tracklist:
01. Tribute (Intro)
02. Time Is Running Out
03. The “I” Inside
04. Don’t Let It Rain
05. Where Are You Now?
06. The Spirit
07. Gone Too Soon
08. The Boundaries Of Heaven
09. Brand New Me
10. What If?
11. The Final Rescue
12. Resilience (Bonus)

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